Is Canned Coffee Good?

Is Canned Coffee Good?

Is Canned Coffee Good?

The world seems to be sipping its way towards a canned coffee renaissance. Canned coffee products are available at every gas station and corner store, and there appears to be no end in sight for these perfectly packaged caffeinated blasts... The question begs, is canned coffee good?

The Great Soda Exodus

Is it an exodus? Not exactly, but so many people are moving away from sodas for health and other reasons. Instead, they've started enjoying their favorites on the long list of canned coffee drinks. From fruity flavors to coconut-infused coffee and even nitrogenated coffee, these days, there are plenty of coffee beverages in a can to choose from. 

Since most newer brands contain low or no sugar, health-conscious consumers feel they get the most out of coffee. However, are carbonated, flavored canned drinks where coffee is headed?

It depends on the drink. The problem with coffee in a can is that many don't taste like coffee at all. Instead, you'll taste flavors suited to iced tea, lemonade, coconut, or other fruit and flavor combinations. Although these drinks can be pleasant and refreshing, they won't satisfy a true coffee lover fully.

The Future of Canned Coffee

Let's face it. Nothing beats that first sip of coffee early in the morning. Add a little milk or cream, and you can tackle the day with the enthusiasm of a five-year-old at a birthday party. There's just something about good coffee that gives you a feel-good factor. And that's what many of the canned coffee products are missing - the great taste of well-brewed coffee.

Coffee alternatives and even cold-brewed coffee in a can just can't compare. Caffeine jolts aside, true coffee lovers need to fulfill their cravings for coffee and not a strange drink that tastes more like a tropical cocktail than a coffee. 

Will these drinks continue to dominate shelves everywhere? Probably, but will they deliver a high-quality coffee product to coffee connoisseurs? Not likely.

You Deserve GREAT Canned Coffee

If you want to blast your senses with a conveniently packaged beverage with a coffee flavor, go for it and try some of the many coffee-flavored drinks available in cans. However, if you are a true cold coffee lover, but want the convenience of delicious cold coffee in a can, get some Snapchill™ coffee. We even have a nitrogenated version if that's your preference. It's delicious!

Our patented process brews delicious coffee with hot water and then chills it quickly to lock in that full-bodied coffee flavor. Your first taste will be an aromatic blast of round and rich coffee flavor, closely followed by the more delicate flavors you can only get with a hot brew. 

If you want to explore alternatives to soda, or need a quick caffeinated boost, feel free to try some of the other canned coffee concoctions. They could satisfy your short-term caffeine cravings. However, if you want long-lasting coffee enjoyment, the future of canned coffee is Snapchill™ coffee. Try one today!