Our patented Snapchill™ process involves hot brewing coffee to develop the best possible flavor and instantly chilling it to 38 degrees to prevent oxidation.


To capture the nuanced flavor, we immediately seal the roasters coffee using the Snapchill™ process. Each can of coffee contains just the right amount of undiluted freshness, flavor, and zing to perk up your day.

Pop it open and enjoy

The coffee is made at the perfect strength so you can open and enjoy as-is. And since there’s no ice, it doesn’t get watered down


Snapchill™ coffee is brewed hot. How does that compare to Cold Brew?

Although tasty, Cold Brew coffee is made with cold water which can take upwards of 24 hours to complete. The issue is cold water simply can’t extract the flavor from the beans which hot water does. Plus, while its cold brewing its oxidizing, changing and masking all the nuanced high tone flavor.

Snapchill™ coffee is made with very hot water releasing the full flavor spectrum from the beans and chilled instantly to lock in the flavor. Because of this process, the finished coffee has an intricate base that reveals rich aromas balanced beautifully with crisp fruity acids. Quite simply the most delicious cold coffee you've ever had.


How does Snapchill™ coffee compare to Hot Brewed Iced Coffee?

Snapchill™ coffee and iced hot brewed coffee are both made with hot water. But that's where the similarities end. Iced hot brewed coffee relies on ice which ultimately dilutes the coffee. It gets watered down and often becomes too strong, bitter or sour. It’s very hard to achieve the perfect extraction and difficult to repeat.

Snapchill™ coffee is consistently brewed at the perfect strength. It doesn't get diluted, so there's no risk of losing its perfect balance!


What's the deal with Nitro? Can Snapchill™ Coffee be Nitro?

Nitro Coffee simply means the coffee has been infused with nitrogen. The nitrogen is what creates that creamy mouthfeel and flavor that we have come to expect from Nitro coffee.

All coffee products using the Snapchill™ process come nitrogenated to preserve the coffee. This comes with the added benefit that all you need to do is shake a can before opening to create creamy nitrogen infused coffee. The shaking incorporates the gas into the coffee which normally would blow off once the can is opened.

Nitro cold coffee has the same disadvantages as cold coffee does. Snapchill™, whether Nitro or not, solves these problems!