You've never tasted Cold like this

Cold, reimagined by the hottest beverage innovation company in the world.


We're Elemental Beverage company, a bev-tech innovation brand focused on thermodynamic Snapchill technologies designed to shift the cold beverage paradigm.

Leveraging the fundamental laws of physics, some engineering ingenuity, and a passion for iced coffee and tea—we created a simple heat-exchange process that swaps hot for cold in an instant, leaving behind hot-brewed flavor and nothing more (or less).

Together with your favorite coffee purveyors, we ditched outmoded methods like ice, refrigeration, and cold brew (that uses twice the beans and water for half the flavor)—brewing coffee hot and preserving it icy-cold without chemicals, additives, or compromise.

Whether a coffee-lover, coffee-roaster, or a business looking to private label or subscribe—we have the solutions you need to satisfy every cold coffee craving and then some.