Why Coffee Should be Brewed Hot

Why Coffee Should be Brewed Hot

When you hear "cold coffee," there are a few different images could that come to mind. You may picture yourself pouring coffee into a glass filled with ice. Perhaps you think of slowly extracting the flavor from coffee grounds in a container filled with cold water. Or maybe you see a cold can of coffee waiting to be cracked open. All of those images are spot-on - they're all cold coffee in some form.

However, not all are delicious, refreshing, boldly flavored, and 100% satisfying. The only way to get all those qualities in cold coffee is by using hot water to brew it.

Cold Coffee From Hot Water?

Although this may sound strange, the best-tasting cold coffee starts off hot, like Snapchill™ coffee. With the patented Snapchill™ process, the coffee is brewed hot, then chilled in a snap creating a super cold, delicious, and intensely flavored coffee.


The reason Snapchill™ coffee just tastes better than other cold coffee is simple. A full-bodied, rich and robust brew can only come from hot water. If you brew coffee hot, the heat helps release all of the aromatics, oils, fats, and decadent flavors encased in the grounds of coffee. Once the brew is perfectly balanced, it goes through a quick chilling process that locks in all of that flavor the heat extracted. 

What About Other Cold Coffee Methods?

Aside from the patented Snapchill™ coffee process, there are two other common ways to make cold coffee. Still, each one falls short on flavor or gives the coffee lover a less-than-satisfying coffee-consuming experience.

#1. Cold Brew

Cold-brewed coffee is not the same as the pour-over iced method and is nothing like Snapchill™ coffee. Cold brew means exactly that. 

Coffee is left to sit in a container full of cold or lukewarm water for 12-24 hours to slowly extract some of the aromatics and flavor from the grounds. The process results in a less acidic and smoother drink. But it doesn't release all the taste, and it uses a lot of grounds. 

#2. Pour-Over Iced Coffee

Pour-over iced coffee is pretty much just that - coffee poured over ice. However, you brew your coffee hot, releasing the flavor and aromatics, and then pour it over ice cubes.

It is tricky to get the ratios right when using ice cubes and hot liquid. The ice cubes will melt relatively quickly, diluting your drink. If it is too diluted, the coffee will be dull and watery, and if it's not diluted enough, it could turn out very bitter. Who wants their cold coffee beverage bland, weak, diluted, or tasting bitter like tar?

We Like it Hot - And You Will Too!

If you're a true coffee lover, hot or cold, you'll want to taste just that - coffee! Unlike all other methods, Snapchill™ coffee extracts the most flavor from the coffee so that you can enjoy the rich and full coffee taste. With so many deliciously cold coffee options, Snapchill™ coffee has an exciting flavor available for everyone!