What is Snapchilled Coffee?

What is Snapchilled Coffee?

If you’re a coffee lover as I assume you are if you are reading this post, it’s a great time to be alive. Perhaps never before in the history of the modern world have so many different types of coffee concoctions been made available to the coffee-consuming public, with roasting techniques and brewing methods becoming more varied and sophisticated by the second.

Think about it: You can get your cup of coffee hot (earning a smile from the traditional coffee gods), you can get it iced (truly refreshing on a hot day), or you can opt for a cold brew (which is different from iced, oddly enough).

As if this smorgasbord of caffeine-laced goodness was not enough, an entirely new brewing process has appeared on the horizon in recent months, and it has the potential to turn the coffee world upside down yet again: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to introduce you to Snapchilling.

"With proprietary technology as its calling card, Snapchilled coffee has all of the hallmarks of being a game-changer for the java universe"

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